Managed Projects

Math Buzz | Lettertopia – 2020

defosmoMath Buzz Team size: 12
Lettertopia Team size:
Platforms: IOS/Android
Game Engines:
Working with JustFunnyGames, I Oversaw the overall development progress from start to finish on both projects. These games were requested by Osmo to be launched with their new Genius Starter Kit.

Math Buzz is a 2-4 player game where players must work together to collect the stolen honey from the wasps in 20+ levels. Players can move throughout the word by solving math equations ranging from simple addition, to subtraction, and up to multiplication!

Lettertopia is a 2 player game where players must build words with letters & collect creatures as a team by matching descriptions, exploring 40+ levels.

Official product listed on Amazon

Stray: The Wayward Path – 2019

giphyTeam size: 14
Language: C++
Platform: PC – Console
Game Engine: Unreal
Description: Stray: The Wayward Path is a third-person action adventure game where you play as Aapo, a boy who wields a powerful mechanical arm. With this arm, you explore various levels by grappling from branches and fight hostile enemies spread among the world of Stray.

Years ago, tainted by your people’s misuse of its magic, the reverend volcano, Chi’Lito, erupted. The eruption blanketed the land in corruption, turning its wildlife hostile. In the devastating aftermath, your people scattered and you were abandoned. But the shaman, Kunara, took you in and raised you as her own. Together, you have learned to survive in the war-torn world. However, one day, you awake to find Kunara missing. Why? Follow the tracks left behind by Kunara. Overcome dangerous foes to become more powerful. Discover the history of your lost people, and uncover your role in an unfolding prophecy. Can you save your people?

Click here for the trailer!

Find out more at Justice Pork Games website!

Last Rights – 2018


Team size: 4
Language: C#
Platform: PC – Console
Game Engine: Unity
Description: 2D-isometric dark fantasy brawler in which 2 teams, of 3 players each, take on the role of necromancers fighting among themselves to determine the fate of their world. (Intended to be played with PS4/Xbox controller)

In a dark fantasy world where necromancers are employed privately and by the state to solve problems, investigate strange occurrences, and fight in armed conflicts… Players take on the role of such necromancers after they discover what they believe to be the remains of the creator of their world.

Click here for trailer

Gameplay footage

ComicTown Throwdown – 2018 (2).gifTeam size: 11
Language: C#
Platform: PC – Console
Game Engine: Unity
Description: 3D Narrative driven Action beat ’em up that takes place in the city of Comic Town. (Intended to be played with PS4/Xbox controller)

The player takes on the role of Jacky, a normal construction worker turned vigilante. Under the rule of an evil dictator, the people have been downtrodden and beaten in the streets. Jacky can’t take it anymore, so he jumps in a porta-potty, makes a quick change and is ready to kick some evil butt! Players learn about Jacky, the political climate, and other Comic Town characters in 2D comic strips, as well as a colorful 3D environment.

Click here for Trailer

HotFoot Teddy – 2018


Team size: 4
Language: C#
Platform: PC – Mobile
Game Engine: Unity
Description: Single player action driving game in which the player has to destroy all buildings in order to progress an obtain new weapons. (Intended to be played with PS4/Xbox controller)

The player takes on the role of Smokey the Bear’s cousin who has escaped from retirement. He hijacked a firetruck and after adding some little tweaks, he bursts out with his brand new and quite literal ‘Fire Truck’. He’s had enough of being the nice guy, it’s time watch the world burn.

KasierWave – 2017


Team size: 4
Language: C#
Platform: PC – Console – Mobile
Game Engine: Unity
Description: Turn Based strategy defense with elements similar to Tower Defense genres.

You are fighting alongside the Germans in the second Battle of the Somme. You’ve been defending your main city from the enemy thanks to your four main artillery Howitzer-cannons shooting at oncoming waves of enemies. The player changes where each cannon is aiming to better suit the enemy elimination process, each enemy has its unique speed. The player changes where the cannon aims by rotating the two dials (range and angle). After each turn, the player receives feedback on how many enemies were killed, where/what enemies will approach next turn and how many lives the player has. 

Summer Survival – 2017 size: 4
Language: C#
Platform: PC – Mobile
Game Engine: Unity
Description: Top-down 2D resource gathering with certain narrative elements to guide the player.

Summer Surhival is a top-down game where you play as a bee flying from flower to flower collecting nectar to bring back to the base. But be careful, if you spend too much time in the sun without reaching shad then your bee body can’t handle the heat! Much like the heat, the hunger would be represented as a bar and will gradually degrade over time. The player will be able to drain some of their nectar in order to fill their hunger bar. Collect as much nectar before nightfall!

Kung Fists Xtreme – 2017 (1)Team size: 4
Language: C#
Platform: PC
Game Engine: Unity
Description: Turn-based strategy ‘board game’ on a 5×5 grid with 5 pieces. 3 Dummies and 2 masters, the point of the game is to eliminate the opponent’s masters.

In this game two dojos are facing each others’ strength, taking the classic game of chess and revolutionizing it to a new game called ‘Kung Fists Xtreme’. Instead of having the classic 5 different pieces (King, Queen, Rook, Bishops, Knights and Pawns), two roles were developed; Blind Master and Dummy. Each Dojo is composed of 2 Masters and 3 Dummies. The Masters Kung Fu-Taekwondo-Jujisztu powers have enabled them to be able to move one of their three dummies to confuse the other Masters. The battle of tactical positioning and observational skills play a large part to this game. Masters can choose to move two blocks to move, escape or attack their opponent. The dummies can only move one space and cannot attack but can be attacked. To win, all you must do is attack their 2 Masters before they take you out.

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